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10 Postpartum Must-Haves

You guys, I kid you not. The moment Hayden left my body I felt like a new person. I had forgotten what it felt like to not be pregnant. I was in a daze, but immediately felt more like myself. I wasn’t expecting that immediate relief!!

I had a minimal tear during Hayden’s birth so I was super lucky in that regard. Zach and I only stayed in the hospital for one night because of COVID. I slept A. LOT. during the night/day we spent there. I remember never having felt so sleepy in my life. The nurses kept waking me to feed Hayden and then I would drift right back to sleep. I didn't love when they'd press down on my stomach to check me, but the feeling wasn't terrible.

The first few days after I went home, I didn't move around much, and I sat on a pillow. I took Tylenol often, and tried to nap at least once a day. (Doctors orders, but I wasn’t complaining! haha) I kept my hospital water bottle with me and tried to hydrate constantly!

Moms go through so much spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally during the postpartum period. I will write more on the emotional/mental/spiritual side of things in another post, but I wanted to share the products that helped me through the physical healing process.

1. Nursing bras: A momma friend recommended these to me, and they were AMAZING for those first few months breastfeeding! Their support isn't off the charts, but they were just what I needed to wear around the house, with visitors, etc. to stay comfy. Make sure to size up!

2. Nursing pads: I inserted these into my nursing bras, and would change them out every few hours. Game changer! Trust me, you don't want to go without them. Especially if you're going out or have visitors! I learned this the hard way... unexpected leaks happened often.

3. Nipple Cream: I applied this about once a day to prevent cracking and soreness! Worked like a charm.

4. Tucks Pads: These provided so much relief postpartum!! Not everyone gets hemorrhoids during pregnancy or during labor, but it is really common, unfortunately. I didn't have any during pregnancy, but got one during labor.

5. Pads: Definitely use whatever works for you, but I linked the massive ones I used the first few weeks! I didn't realize how much I'd bleed postpartum (I know the recovery process varies for moms). I called my doctor a few times because I was worried about the size clots I was seeing, but all of it was normal. Always call your doctor if something scares you, that's what they're there for! My bleeding stopped around 5 weeks postpartum, but came back because I started working out and overdid it a bit.

*Just edited to add that a friend recommended wearing Depends for the first few weeks and then transition to pads.

6. Colace: The first two days after I gave birth I was terrified to go to the bathroom because I was scared it would hurt😂 (It did, but not too bad like I had imagined). The doctor recommended I take this! Obviously only do what your doctor recommends, but it might be good to have this on hand.

7. Frank Body Coffee Scrub: For pregnancy stretch marks!! This was definitely a splurge for me, but GUYS it works so well. I had so many stretch marks on my stomach during pregnancy- to the point that one of my doctors pulled up my shirt for a belly check and said, "Oh, I'm so sorry. Some people do get stretch marks worse than others." LOL This scrub faded the marks so much! I'm still using it!

8. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil: Another stretch mark product! I think it works most effectively if you use it WHILE pregnant (lol oops). I started using it after Hayden was born, and it still works wonderfully!! My goal is to put it on every night before bed, but I definitely haven't been that consistent!

9. Comfy pajama shorts: Wear literally any comfy clothes you love!! You don't need anything in particular. I just bought two of these shorts from Target and they were sooo comfy for recovery!

10. Big, Comfy Underwear: I linked a comfy looking pair on amazon, but I think the ones I bought were from Target. My recommendation is just to find some comfy new underwear and SIZE UP. Go full on Grannie panty if you need to haha

In all of recovery, comfort and rest is KEY. Do what works for you! These 10 things were the things that I used often and worked well for me. I also felt a sense of security when I came home from the hospital, knowing that I had all of these things on hand. But remember, your body was created to do this! God miraculously designed this process, and you could do it without any products at all.

You'll want to use a peri-bottle, but the hospital should provide that to take home. I had bought the Frida Mom Perineal Witch Hazel Healing Foam in addition, but never needed to use it!! Praise the Lord for a small tear!

If you have any questions about my experience or are nervous about anything postpartum, please feel free to message me! I probably won't answer questions publicly, but I'd love to talk with you personally. The unknown can be scary, but God has equipped your body to do this!! Such a miracle! Getting products to make the transition even smoother is just an added bonus.

*** There are Amazon product links in this blog. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you're thinking to go ahead and purchase any of these items, it would be so appreciated if you used my link!

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