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Baby's First Christmas Bucket List

There is nothing so fun as watching our 8 month old get excited about discovering new things! She gets more excited over a plain cardboard box than I'd imagine a baby ever could. Every ordinary thing is intriguing and exciting to her.

With Christmas approaching, we wanted to make this season feel really special! I'd read that it's important to let your baby experience things with their five senses. With that in mind, we wanted her to get the opportunity to take in as much of the fun and celebration of the Christmas season as possible! We made a bucket list and are still in the process of completing it. I wanted to go ahead and share this post with you before the holidays are over in case it sparks any fun ideas for you and your family!

1. Decorate Gingerbread Houses

Hayden had a BLAST touching all the ingredients, feeling all the new textures, and tasting icing for the first time! I was surprised by how excited she was. Our kit started us out with a town of four buildings, but we ended with two (I accidentally built mine upside down & Hayden tried to eat the other one lol). These pictures are memories we will have forever!

2. Drive Around to see Christmas Lights

Zach and I stopped at Starbucks to grab peppermint mochas, turned on the Passion Christmas Album and headed to some nearby neighborhoods to look at all the lights. Such a fun memory!

3. Create a "My First Christmas" Ornament

This one was sort of a "Pinterest fail." It was harder to get a full handprint than I anticipated (see picture below lol). I thought about re-doing it or trying a different craft, but went with the original ornament nonetheless. We decided to embrace the fun and value the memory over a perfect outcome! The imperfection of this ornament is honestly so symbolic of motherhood and what God is teaching me in this season. I hope when she's older she will find it sentimental and laugh at me and my failed creative attempt!!

Supplies were purchased from Hobby Lobby! All together cost about $9.

4. Wear matching Christmas Pj's

Okay, sadly this tradition may not even happen for us this year. We are MAJOR behind and didn't buy a set quickly enough... now everything is sold out. Fingers crossed we find something before Christmas! We know this is a classic tradition, but neither Zach or I's family did this growing up, so we thought it would be a fun tradition to start for our family of three. We'll see if it happens!

5. Make Christmas Cookies

Zach and I probably had more fun doing this than Hayden did. She was bored of it pretty fast, but we still got some sweet memories in. We had a dance party in the kitchen while we waited for the cookies to bake!! Every time we sing or dance, Hayden lights up!

6. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm

We haven't checked this off the list yet! We have an artificial tree in our apartment, but we thought it would be fun for Hayden to look at all the trees, take in the smell, feel the branches, and maybe get a few cute pictures.

7. Keep the Christmas Classics playing!

Certain Christmas songs are SO nostalgic to me. My family always played the same Christmas albums when we decorated our house together as a family, and it is such a sweet memory. I want Christmas music to bring that same feeling of nostalgia for Hayden one day! This Spotify playlist has been our go-to:

8. Take lots of pictures

I realize that Hayden will probably not remember much or any of her first Christmas. Having pictures and videos to look back on one day will be so special. This girl is LOVED by so many, and I always want her to look back and see all the people and memories that helped develop who she is!

9. Read the Christmas Story

We want to read the Christmas Story to Hayden on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to teach her what Christmas is ALL about! Hopefully this baby book will be a keepsake for her when she is older.

10. Gift Giving

Zach and I really had to think about what to get Hayden for Christmas. She has been so blessed by grandparents, family and friends. We could've bought a few practical things, but she's really too young to be able to unwrap much or understand gift giving. We decided to get a few VERY affordable toys from Target that would be fun for her to sort, stack and chew on. She will probably end up liking the packaging more than the toys! haha

This first Christmas season as a Mom has been so special and magical. I love seeing things through Hayden's eyes. Even at only 8 months old, her excitement and little personality bring so much joy. Thankful for this season and the meaning behind it all. Emmanuel- God with us.

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