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Crawling & Standing Stage: 3 things we are loving lately!

It has BLOWN my mind how quickly my little baby has turned into a sitting, crawling, standing *almost* toddler! She is 10 months old today. Here are the toys/items that have been so helpful during this stage!!

1. Our Massive Playpen

We bought this playpen off of Amazon about a month ago and Hayden LOVES it. Once she started crawling and getting into things, I felt like I couldn't get any small tasks done without worrying about what danger she would crawl towards next. Hayden has portions of independent play time each day (while of course supervised), and while she does, I can now fold some laundry or sit at my computer and get some work done without moving her away from things every five seconds. In my opinion, it is WORTH the investment.

2. Baby Walker and Activity Center

Hayden has loved this since she was 6 months old. She's gotten awesome practice in it standing up and walking, and it's given her independence that she always seems to crave (are all babies like this???). During the summer/fall, whenever she was fussy, I'd bring her walker out to the back patio and she would play for at least an hour, happy as can be!

3. Zebra Walker

At ten months old, Hayden is just now growing into loving/using this toy. It almost feels like a step up from the baby walker in learning how to walk and increasing her mobility. We put this inside the playpen every time she has independent play, and it gives her something safe to practice pulling up on and walking with (as opposed to everything else in our home she seems to want to pull up on and give me a heart attack lol).

Here are some photos of Hayden enjoying these play things!!

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