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Hayden's Nursery

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Shortly after my last blog post I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant! Needless to say, I haven't written a post since haha My maternity leave just began and I thought it would be fun to jump back in by sharing the details of Hayden's nursery!

My amazingly talented friend, Jess Spruill helped me put her nursery together. She has such an eye for design and gets all the credit for how well it turned out! I'm a sucker for grays and neutrals, and I love things to be simple and bright. She kept all of that in mind as she helped me find the perfect pieces for Hayden's room.

This crib is the Graco Lauren Convertible Crib, which we were gifted from an amazing couple in our community group in a dark wood stain. We painted the crib white ourselves, but I'll link the white version. To paint the crib, we used a water-based baby safe paint from Home Depot.

We ordered this 5 x 8 inch rug from Rugs USA when it was on sale! It's called the Gray Mist Shades Rug. Rugs USA runs sales often which helps with affordability since rugs can be so expensive!!

This feaux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree came from Hobby Lobby! Sizing: Width: 24" and Height: 60". We were able to purchase it when all of their trees and floral arrangements were 50% off!! Keeping an eye on Hobby Lobby sales is a game changer for your budget. Jess and I price compared at Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods and found this to be the most affordable option by far for a tree of this size.

The basket came from the clearance section at TJ Maxx. I couldn't find the exact one to link, but they have a great selection of affordable baskets.

This beautiful lettered sign!! Please excuse my reflection in the photo lol I did a whole lot of research and found lots of options from Etsy and other companies for completed nursery name decor, but found them to be too pricey for what I wanted. My goal in all of this was to spend as little as possible!!

So here's what I ended up doing. My friend Rachel Vasquez at raeletteringco designed the print for me for $15. I found the light wood 22 x 28 inch float frame at Michaels on clearance for $9. Unfortunately, I can't link the exact frame because it was a clearance item, but they had the best selection of frames that I could find by far. And they often have coupons and sales running. I printed the design on a 19 x 25 inch matte piece of paper at a local print shop, Minute Man in Greece. They were AMAZING and printed it for free as a baby gift because I have a personal relationship with them through my job. But I'm sure printing through Staples or Fed Ex would be very affordable.

The sign in total was $24! The lowest price I could find online to purchase a completed sign like this was at least $100. If you're trying to save money, I think piecing it together yourself is the way to go!

The 3 tiered white bookshelf was a Facebook Marketplace find!! Jess sent me the link and we bought it for $15. It was originally pink and cream, but we painted it white. It is 34 inches tall, and 19.5 inches wide. When looking for affordable options, Facebook Marketplace is the place to go!!

The circle mirror came from Target! We already owned it and had it in our master bedroom, but decided to put it in the nursery. It helped make the room feel larger!

This dark gray swivel rocking chair came from Wayfair.com! They have a huge selection of chairs that would work perfectly in a nursery. Zach's mom gifted us this chair and unfortunately I can't find the exact link, but they have a lot of awesome options. When it comes to affordability, chairs are just plain expensive. But we're super thankful for Zach's mom's generosity and we are super pleased with the quality of this chair!

The white throw blanket on the chair came from TJ Maxx on clearance! I believe it was around $15. They always have a great, affordable selection of blankets!! These sheer textured white curtains came from TJ Maxx as well. Both panels together were $17.

This GORGEOUS white ceramic lamp is by Opalhouse and came from Target. We put it on our registry and were so thrilled to be gifted it by an amazing friend. The giraffe rolling wood decor toy is from Hobby Lobby and was also a gift from a friend! The clock came from TJ Maxx and was such a sweet find!! I'm struggling to find the link (I'm not the best at this whole blogging thing), but I know the total was $9.99. The baby blankets are from Target and were gifted to us as well! (Can you tell we are BLESSED and have the most generous friends??)

The wide dresser storage chest came from Amazon and is the perfect size for cute little baby clothes!!

Last, but not least, Zach's favorite part of the nursery...... This cute sign came from Hobby Lobby.

I hope this was fun to scroll through and potentially sparked some money-saving ideas!! Facebook Marketplace, TJ Maxx, clearance, sales, coupons and amazing creative friends make it possible to go affordable and still have an outcome that you're super excited about.

*** There are Amazon product links in this blog. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you're thinking to go ahead and purchase any of these items, it would be so appreciated if you used my link!

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